Mother, This is How to Prevent a Newborn from Staying Up all night

Mothers who have just given birth, do not be surprised if a new baby can make irregular hours of sleep, even staying up all night. If the mother used to sleep soundly all night, then now must follow the sleep patterns of babies who often wake up every 2-3 hours to suckle. Of course this is very tiring. But, there are tips for training babies to sleep more regularly. Actually, newborn sleep patterns that are not regular are normal because the baby is getting used to the new world outside the mother's womb. Generally sleep patterns like this occur in the first 1-2 months. After infants aged 3 months and over, the baby's sleep hours will become more regular following an adult's sleep patterns as the brain develops. Tips for Practicing Baby Sleep Patterns Practicing baby sleep patterns to be more organized can be done earlier, that is, after one month of baby's age. Besides being beneficial for babies, of course this can also help you get adequate rest. Here are the w
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